Nortigo series featured on Dodho Magazine

A selection of images from my 'Nortigo' series is featured on Dodho Magazine. 20 images from this series were submitted to the Color Photography Awards 2017. The results will be announced in December.

Caneplex design in Xenia trade show Athens Greece

The Caneplex Design range includes panels of Greek cane, bamboo, willow, branches, foliage and other natural materials imported from their countries of origin, in a wide selection of quality and type, all from crops selectively harvested with respect for the environment, and certified as organic ecological sources. Caneplex has over 50 years in the field of natural materials for construction and ornamentation. This great experience ensures the complete expertise which results in targeted solutions for the configuration of every type of space and makes Caneplex the principal partner for distinguished architects, design consultants and challenging projects. One of the projected showcased at th

Honorable Mention at the ND Awards 2017 with image 'Cycladic'

Honored with the news that my image 'Cycladic' from the Kamares House in Paros received an Honorable Mention in the category of architecture at the ND Awards 2017 that were announced today. 6849 entries submitted from 89 countries. Congratulations to all the winners!

3rd Integral European Conference in Hungary

“The Integral European Conferences are the main gatherings in Europe for the global integral community. We unpack the full potential of the integral approach, fleshing out the shared vision with new findings, applications, research and experiential processes to accelerate change in the world. Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory is the shared reference point and other apporaches of integral consciousness are also welcome. When we say “integral” we are referring to Integral Theory, or AQAL, as pioneered by the contemporary American philosopher Ken Wilber. AQAL is an acronym that stands for a holisitic approach embracing: - all Quadrants (dimensions of reality) - all Levels (of Development) - all Line

Rezvan Foundation's 2nd annual fundraising gala

“The Rezvan Foundation for Excellence is a non-profit organization providing higher education scholarships to exceptional high school students. Established in 2016 by Dr. and Mrs. Ehsan Rezvan in memory of his late father, Dr. Ahmad Rezvan, the Foundation was formed based on the principle that all determined students deserve the opportunity to achieve success through the completion of higher education. Thrust with the obligation of becoming "head of household" at age fourteen due to the sudden death of his father, the late Dr. Rezvan endeavored relentlessly to complete his education. With an unexpected loan from an Uncle and a dogged will of determination, Dr. Rezvan ultimately achieved his

Joao Morgado interview on

My latest architectural photography interview on is with Portuguese architect and photographer Joao Morgado. "Joao Morgado studied architecture at University Institute of Lisbon in Portugal and worked as an architect in offices in Rotterdam and Maastricht. In 2007 he started collaborating with national and international offices following his vocation in architectural photography. At the age of 32 he has become a prolific photographer covering projects in his home country as well as Italy, France, Spain, Croatia and Kuwait. In 2013 he introduced aerial photography using RC drones. His work is regularly published in leading industry media and in 2014 he won the Arcaid Architectura

Arcaid Images media sponsor at World Architecture Festival 2017 in Berlin

The World Architecture Festival is taking place this year in Arena Berlin Germany, 15-17 November 2017. My thanks to Lynne Bryant and Nicola Charalambous of Arcaid Images for their continuous support!.. Over the past three years Pygmalion Karatzas Photography has contributed more than 1300 images to the Arcaid Images archive:

'AQAL Views' on Silvershotz magazine vol.12 Nov.2017

Silvershotz Contemporary Photography Magazine released its vol.12 November 2017 issue featuring a selection of winning images from the URBAN 2017 international photography competition. Two images from the "AQAL Views" series are included in the publication. You can preview and order the magazine here: NOVEMBER 2017 MAGAZINE - Volume 12 Edition 1 Special Features 2017 International Photography Awards URBAN International Photo Awards SIPA Photo Awards B&W Spider Awards Folios Barry Steven Greff – USA – of the Wild Kostya Smolyaninov – Ukraine – Street Theography Mads Monson – Vietnam – Fragments of Rediscovered time Jeffrey Milstein – USA – LANY BOOK REVIEWS Joachim

On assignment - Exhibition by painter Nikos Mourikis

Preview image from the photo shoot of the day from the retrospective exhibition 'From innocence to seduction' of painter Nikos Mourikis at the Panagiotopoulou Building of Aegion Municipality. Full set of images can be viewed here.

ImageNation Paris Exhibition 10-12 Nov 2017

ImageNation Paris - International Photo Expo Paris, 10-11-12 Nov. 2017 Espace des Arts Sans Frontierès 44, Rue Bouret, 75019 Paris Vernissage: Friday, November 10, 2017 from 18.00 Free Admission Open to Public: Saturday, November 11: 14.30 - 19.30 Sunday, November 12: 14.30 - 19.30 Private Opening: Saturday, November 11: 09.00 - 13.00 Sunday, November 12: 09.00 - 13.00 Please reserve here: “The exhibition, curated by Martin Vegas and conceived for Paris, will present works of great visual impact by 80 authors from 35 different countries. Photography, as any other kind of art, doesn’t need much explanation. It’s not about looking for descriptive words or finding ou

On assignment - Bazos Dental

Preview image from the photo shoot of the day for Bazos Dental in Aegion Greece. More images can be viewed here.

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