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The communication power of still images can be enhanced with the use of moving images. Videography tells visual stories stimulating multiple senses and can greatly supplement the presentation and promotion of architectural, fine art and commercial projects. The skills of filmography for the production of short videos include specialised techniques like time-lapse, hyper-lapse, drones, steadicams and video editing. Either working in collaboration with a small team or solo, I produce short videos which are ideal for social media campaigns, digital exhibitions and projected presentations.    

In the drop-down menu, you can explore examples of my videography.

They have been grouped into 3 categories:
Commercial: videos filmed on site during project assignments and edited into a movie short, trailer or teaser for the client’s use.
Digital exhibitions: videos edited for digital exhibitions and presentations.
Travel / personal projects / BTS: videos filmed during my travels and personal projects and edited for presentation. They also include behind-the-scenes footage.

Clients include: ESO Conference, Samsung Greece, the Danish Architecture Center, The University of Tennessee in Knoxville, A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation, Mina Chow - Face of a Nation, Cosmote History - Mixani Tou Xronou, Office 25 Architects, TRIF Mebel Furniture, Sky-Frame AG, Villa Elxis Property, Omni Press / Tribune CME, Design Ambassador /, Integral European Conference, Exarchou Hotel Developers and Managers.

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