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'Boomeritis' series - 'Integral Lens' project

Image Copyright: Rights-Managed © Pygmalion Karatzas.

Edition Type: Limited edition print.

Fine Art Prints: Images are available in gallery-quality fine art prints on various sizes, media and framing options.

Image Licensing: High-resolution images are available for editorial and limited commercial use.

Inquire here for further information on usage licensing and prints.

Project description:

‘Boomeritis’ series presents stand-alone portraits of buildings with the long exposure shooting technique using a 10-stop neutral density filter as well as regular exposures treated in a similar artistic manner. We depart from straight photography to fuse the boundaries between representational and expressionistic image making. Details of skyscrapers and public buildings, frontal views of iconic architecture and urban scenes, presented in a way that highlights the formalistic aspects of design, while the blurring of time is intended to give them a timeless feel. Desaturated or monochrome treatments emphasise the tectonic elements of subjects, and the manual blending of different exposures in post-processing adds presence, depth and complementary lighting. The title is a reference to the pathology of the Baby Boomer generation characterised - as American philosopher Ken Wilber points out - by pluralism infected with narcissism. An integral photographic vision aims to combine a respectful representation of exterior realities with a meaningful expression of our interiority by pointing towards the material sublime.

We must preserve the dignity of modernity even while we attempt to overcome the disaster of modernity”
– Ken Wilber


Images are part of a larger project: ‘Integral Lens - multi perspectival approaches to the study and representation of the built environment’. A visual journey of contemporary architecture and cityscapes from United States taken during a 5-month visit, awarded by the Fulbright Foundation Greece with the Artist Scholarship Award and sponsored by the College of Architecture and Design of the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

A book collection is available here:

Spider Black & White Awards 2017, 4 Nominations, category Architecture.

Trieste Photo Fringe exhibition 2017, selected.
Trieste Photo Days Book Award 2017, shortlisted.

Image Nation Paris exhibition 2017, selected.
Moscow International Foto Awards, Honorable Mention, category Fine Art Book.
PX3 Paris Photography Prize 2017, 3rd place, category Fine Art Book.
Fine Art Photography Awards 2017, Nomination, category Architecture.
International Photography Awards 2016, Honorable Mention, category Architecture - Building.
Spider Black & White Awards 2016, Nomination, category Architecture.
PX3 Paris Photography Prize 2016, Honorable Mention, category Architecture.


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