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My photographic services have grown to extend beyond architectural photography into typologically related fields providing proficient imagery to various business sectors. I am dedicated to capturing your spaces, services and products with a fresh eye and delivering unique and memorable imagery. The architectural eye is trained to compose frames with balance, presence and excitement, combining materials and emotional qualities to scenes that can stand alone as single iconic moments and narrate a story through a series. Working with the client’s brief, I produce a rich and captivating visual portfolio for their marketing campaigns and communication outlets.

In the drop-down menu or the thumbnails below, you can explore examples of my work thematically grouped.
Range of business sectors:
- Hotels, tourism, hospitality.
- Real Estate.
- Service industry (cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs).
- Professional spaces, retail stores.
- Exhibitions, conferences and trade shows.
- Constructors & building material manufacturers.
- Expeditions & foundations (academic research and field studies).
- Destination & travel.
- Municipal campaigns and festivals.
- Graphic and interior designers.
- Media content, publishers  and web developers.
- Corporate and industry facilities.
- Designer products, artworks and life style.

Prominent clients include:

Mitsis Hotels, Accor Hotels, Niche Hotel, Butterfly Hotel Operator, Bold Type Hotel, Exarchou Hotel Developers & Managers.
Attiko Metro, Koutalidis Law Firm, Accenture, TRIF Mebel, Atmosphere Spa, Costas Varotsos artist, Nikos Mourikis artist, Adobe Stock, Arcaid Images, iStock Getty Images.
Sky-Frame AG, Ideal Work, Deutsche Bauchemie, Prodema, Nussli, CanePlex, EUROPA, STO ISONED, Woodetails, Axiom Surface, Marmyk, ETEM, Technical Aluminiums, IFI Lights, Hager Hellas, Prolat, Kafkas, Mapei, Mete Sysm, Labline, HILL project Managers, LUCE Ataliotis, NOVAL Property, Luce & Light, DAIKIN/Klimamichaniki, Samsung.
Xatzikonsta Foundation, Rezvan Foundation, Laboratory of Marine Geology & Physical Oceanography (University of Patras), A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation, College of Architecture and Design (University of Tennessee in Knoxville), Danish Architecture Center, DOM Publishers, Harvard University Graduate School of Design.


"We are very happy with Pygmalion’s photographic work for Mitsis Hotels. Most of our 17 Hotels & Resorts, were recently renovated and we needed the right photographer to portray the value of our investment, the quality of the materials used, the finishing touch, etc. We found in Pygmalion the best partner for that. Besides his excellent photographic skills, he is also a genuinely kind person, very dedicated and passionate about his work, chasing always the right light no matter the time of day. It is not rare I’ve seen him wondering around the hotel in the dark to be able to capture the first ray of sun!"
- Faye Leoussi, Mitsis Group Corporate Affairs

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