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I specialise in architectural photography with twelve years experience practicing architecture and eight years practicing architectural and fine art photography. I work on commissioned assignments from architecture firms and related industry clients nationally and internationally. With a deep respect and love for the scientific, artistic and craftsmanship aspects of architecture, I approach every project with passion and vigor. I also collaborate with architectural institutions and media outlets for the editorial promotion and dissemination of architecture to the general public.
In collaboration with professor of architecture Mark DeKay, we have developed ‘Integral Lens’, a multi-perspectival approach to architectural photography and we conduct academic courses and workshops to students from related departments.  

In the drop-down menu or the thumbnails below, you can explore examples of my work grouped by country.
Aligned with the educational potential and historical importance of architectural photography, the photographed projects are presented in full creating an open and accessible online archive. With over 240 projects, this section of the website consists of 8.000+ images regularly updated.

Website navigation note: Each 'country page' has a thumbnail gallery ("front page") visually cataloguing all the projects, which works as a summary of the photographed buildings. By clicking on each building thumbnail, the main page of the project opens to display the full set of images. Project pages have more than one groups of images ("project galleries") within them: exterior day, exterior sunset / dusk / night / dawn / sunrise, interior, closeups & details, different sections / functions of buildings, aerial / drone, etc. which works as another curation filter to help with the viewing process of numerous images. You can either navigate back to the country page by clicking on the 'back' button at the end of each page or by using the main drop-down menu to visit other sections. The menu bar is also placed at the bottom of the website for convenience when pages get long.    

Clients include:
Anmahian Winton Architects, Office 25 Architects, Elastic Architects, Legorreta Architects, R.C. TECH, BAAR Studio - Konstantin Thorvald Barlas, 02 Architecture - Valia Foufa, Studio 2Pi Architecture - Panagiotis Papassotiriou, Patrick Genard & Asociados, Fouad Samara Architects, MKV Design, Harald Nürnberg, Sergey Fedotov, Human Point -  Loukas Fotopoulos, Nikos Mourikis, Leaf Architects Studio - Theodoros Gazotzis,, The Danish Architecture Center.


"DIVISARE is one of the most extensive online Atlas of World Architecture with an archive of nearly 3.000 registered professional architectural photographers. Its data base is regularly updated with an automated system combining qualitative and quantitative criteria. Pygmalion Karatzas Photography ranks in the Top 100 photographers."

"Morphogenesis is the A+ Award Popular Choice Winner in the ‘Architecture + Photography & Video’ category. This is an unparalleled honor. With entries from over 100 countries, your work truly represents the best of architecture worldwide. As an Architizer A+ Award recipient you have been identified as an industry leader for architecture and design worldwide.”
- Marc Kushner, CEO Architizer,

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