Photo shoot of the day - Ksylapothiki in Piraeus

Preview images from the photo shoot of the day at the Ksylapothiki in Piraeus for Attiko Metro. The building serves a double function: it's the workshop of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Piraeus for the archaeological artefacts from the Metro Stations' locations for their reconstruction, preservation and storage; and at the same time on the upper level it's a museum curating the excavations and findings. A large double-ceiling atrium links visually the two functions. The road in front of the building has become a pedestrian path which also serves as the deck to the underground excavations linking the building to the archaeological site across.

Project update - Thessaloniki Metro

A first selection of images from the recently photographed Thessaloniki Metro under construction for Attiko Metro added to the collection: More images upcoming...

New Camerapixo Press book - 10 Year Anniversary Architecture

Delighted to get the cover in the new publication of Camerapixo Press - 10 Year Anniversary Architecture vol.1 Hard copy print available to order here: Web edition available for preview here:

Photo shoot of the day - Three Metro Plazas in Athens

Preview images from the photo shoot of the day - 3 Metro Plazas in Athens for Attiko Metro. Along with the underground metro stations in Agia Barbara, Korydallos, and Nikaia, the three plazas above were regenerated and the second phase of the photo shoot covers them.

URBAN 2020 Finalists announced Honored to be part of this special photography event for the 4th year with the image 'Integral Lens - Lake Hotel Ioannina Yoga Session' in the category 'Spaces'.

Project update - Depot Pylaia

A selection of images from the recently photographed Depot Pylaia of the Thessaloniki Metro and Attiko Metro added to the collection:

'The Shape of Light' exhibition at the Glasgow Gallery of Photography

The Glasgow Gallery of Photography is re-opening to the public at the end of July with the exhibition 'Abstract - The Shape of Light' and I am delighted to participate with four images from the Morphogenesis project. More info here:

ATTIKO METRO feature on Kataskeves Ktirion

Our thanks to Kataskeves Ktirion Gr for the feature of ATTIKO METRO new stations:

Attiko Metro new stations featured on Archisearch

The three new metro stations - Agia Barbara, Korydallos and Nikaia - in Athens designed and constructed by Attiko Metro S.A. featured on

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