Integral Art, virtual exhibition hosted by the Integral European Conference 2020

ONLINE INTEGRAL ART 3D EXHIBITION 2020, INTEGRAL EUROPEAN CONFERENCE “This virtual Integral Art exhibition is the first of its kind and involves the artists who would have had their work physically present in Hungary at the Integral European Conference this May. Art exhibitions have been part of international Integral conferences since 2015 when an exhibition of 17 artist’s work from around the world was curated by art professor and philosopher Michael Schwartz at the Integral Theory Conference in San Francisco. Integral Art as a movement is very much in a nascent stage - only just beginning to emerge and loosely define itself. However, we do have some highly treasured writings to offer i

Cover feature on Prostor Zlin Fine Art Magazine

Delighted to get the cover story on the latest Prostor Zlin Magazine dedicated to architectural photography. My thanks to curator Tadeáš Goryczka, photographer Thomas Mayer, and the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlin.

German Design Award 2021 nomination

Congratulations to Studio 2Pi Architecture and Panagiotis Papassotiriou for the nomination of the Neon Bakery & Coffee at the German Design Awards 2021.

Unique Destination Magazine issue 7, 2020

A selection of images from 7 Mitsis Hotels in Rhodes island featured on the latest Unique Destination Magazine, issue 7, 2020.

Neon Bakery published on

Neon Bakery designed by Studio 2Pi Architecture / Panagiotis Papassotiriou featured on

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