Top 100 architectural photographers on Divisare's Atlas of Architecture

“The architectural photography scene has changed enormously over the last 10 years. Digital capture, treatment, transmission and sharing of images is now the norm. Architectural photographers in the digital age have increasingly become the authors of the visual narrative with which we perceive our constructed environment. Their vision is decisive, not only for the way we see architecture, but also for the way we understand it.” - Divisare Divisare’s Atlas of Architecture has been online since 1998 and over the years it has become one of the largest archive database of international architecture. With its autonomous data structures, designers can open their own account and independently post

'Integral Lens' fine art collection available in print

The 'Integral Lens', multi-award winning fine art collection, a visual journey of contemporary architecture and cityscapes from United States is available in print here: Integral Lens book reviews “The photographs themselves take a range of subjects, both city and nature, buildings and contexts, interiors and exteriors, wholes and parts, full of people and empty of habitation, frozen structures and dynamic skies—cityscapes, urban waterscapes and wild landscapes. The wide-angle Karatzas lens ranges widely. If integral consciousness is “aperspectival” (meaning beyond individual perspectives), as Jean Gebser put it, then something of this lens is ava

Licensing client - Super Beton Vardalachakis

A new licensing collaboration with Super Beton Vardalachakis and Ellinikes Kataskeves Magazine for the latest issue of the magazine and the featured project Double Residence in Koropi designed by Office 25 Architects.

Licensing client - FOSS SA Lighting

A new licensing collaboration with FOSS SA Lighting: a selection of images from Clover House in Kythera island were purchased for the companies' promotional campaigns and advertisements.

Observica Canadian Art Magazine - Cover feature

My thanks to the Canadian Contemporary Art Magazine Observica for the cover feature and presenting a selection of my fine art photography from Integral Lens on their inaugural issue. A preview of the magazine can be viewed on issuu: Observica is a contemporary art magazine published by “Discover the Artist” media holding. It is available to millions of art lovers, experts, collectors and enthusiasts in both digital and print format and reaches people in over 100 countries. The online version of the magazine will be published and circulated via Amazon and many others, while the print magazine can be or

Lighting Awards 2020 - Gold for Neon Bakery & Kafkas Electrical & Lighting supplier

Congratulations to Kafkas Electrical & Lighting supplier for their distinctions at the Lighting Awards 2020! The project 'Neon Bakery & Coffee' designed by Panagiotis Papassotiriou / Studio 2PiA received two gold awards in the category of Retail lighting for exterior and interior. The company also received the Supplier of the Year award, and the owners the Client of the Year award. My thanks to architect Panagiotis Papassotiriou for entrusting me with the architectural photography of the project and to Lighting Area Specialist for Kafkas company Christina Chatzianastasiou for the licensing collaboration.

Licensing client - EVEL Steel Constructions

A new licensing collaboration with EVEL Steel Constructions: a selection of images from Attiko Metro Stations in Athens were purchased for the companies' promotional campaigns and advertisements.

Licensing client - WandS ECOnstructions

A new licensing collaboration with Wands: a selection of images from Clover House in Kythera island were purchased for the companies' promotional campaigns and advertisements.

100% Hotel Design Awards 2020 - Shortlisted public voting

The 100% Hotel Design Awards 2020 announced the 24 shortlisted hotels for 2020 and have opened the public voting process with which the public can vote their favorite project of the year. More info can be found in the link below: Congratulations to EMPI & Associates Architects for being among the shortlisted projects with their work on The Bold Type Hotel. Full set of images from the project can be viewed here: and the entry in the competition here:

Portrait of Humanity in Space

On 06 October 2020, at 6pm UK time, 1854 Media will reveal a new film capturing an exhibition of 400 photographs from Portrait of Humanity 2019 & 2020 ascending 130,000 feet into the stratosphere, broadcasting a message of peace and unity from humankind to space. Drawn from Portrait of Humanity, a movement seeking to prove there is more that unites us than sets us apart, the exhibited images showcase the many faces of communities across the world, celebrating humanity in its countless variations. While the global pandemic forces museums and galleries to remain closed, the film should remind us of our universal bonds, despite being forced apart, with vivid images slowly scrolling ac

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