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Caneplex design in Xenia trade show Athens Greece

The Caneplex Design range includes panels of Greek cane, bamboo, willow, branches, foliage and other natural materials imported from their countries of origin, in a wide selection of quality and type, all from crops selectively harvested with respect for the environment, and certified as organic ecological sources.

Caneplex has over 50 years in the field of natural materials for construction and ornamentation. This great experience ensures the complete expertise which results in targeted solutions for the configuration of every type of space and makes Caneplex the principal partner for distinguished architects, design consultants and challenging projects.

One of the projected showcased at the Xenia trade show was the Rinela Restaurant at Mitsis Hotels in Crete designed by Elastic Architects, photographed in July 2017.

My thanks to Yioula Michalaki for her collaboration.

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