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'Integral Lens' fine art collection available in print

The 'Integral Lens', multi-award winning fine art collection, a visual journey of contemporary architecture and cityscapes from United States is available in print here:

Integral Lens book reviews

“The photographs themselves take a range of subjects, both city and nature, buildings and contexts, interiors and exteriors, wholes and parts, full of people and empty of habitation, frozen structures and dynamic skies—cityscapes, urban waterscapes and wild landscapes. The wide-angle Karatzas lens ranges widely. If integral consciousness is “aperspectival” (meaning beyond individual perspectives), as Jean Gebser put it, then something of this lens is available to viewers of this work. Although filled with page-turning anticipation about what comes next, this is not work to be glanced over as a coffee-table fashion book. I encourage you to take a long-exposure view of each image. Let the Integral Lens take you somewhere.”

- Prof. Mark DeKay, Author ‘Integral Sustainable Design’

"In this book, Karatzas demonstrates his special sensitivity to light, space, and form. We are fortunate to be able to view the world through his lens and glimpse our built environment with the eyes of a master."

- Alexander Strecker, Managing Editor, LensCulture

"We had the pleasure to present Pygmalion Karatzas’ work at The Greek Foundation with great success. This photographic exploration of the American continent offers great possibilities to the viewer to interact and experience the landscapes. His unique intimate look at the urban environment, creates a framework for the observer to interpret the context in different scale and depth. Architecture and Photography merge in an uncommon way and this reflects strongly on the viewer, who is taken slowly into a journey to remember.”

- Kostis Karatzas, Founder & Director ‘The Greek Foundation’

“I don't think I've ever seen monochrome images as good as this. Pygmalion is a complete photographer from the original photo to the final work. His pictures indicate a great artistic sense. Beyond their technical qualities, they plunge us into a real atmosphere.”

- Aidan Sartin Conte, Editor, founder, publisher and Art Director of PhotographizeMag

“The Pygmalion Karatzas photograph seems to stop a time passing too quickly. Pygmalion dominates the taking of images using long expositions to perfection, impregnating his scenes of a unique atmosphere, thus obtaining an unmistakable point of view with a strong seal and a marked personality.”

- Maxim Panés, Founder & Director, Dodho Magazine

“The magnificent color and black/white photographs with their sharp outline, atmospheric lighting, soft colors and wide angle immediately impress on the viewer an image of the expansiveness and variety of the American landscape both urban and natural.”

- Els Siakos Hanappe, Program Coordinator, Fulbright Foundation Greece

"Pygmalion knows very well when and where to put his tripod to have the best results. In fact, he can control gray shades so masterfully that this ability is extremely noticeable in all his photos especially black and white architecture ones. His great recognition of correct camera and software use to reach a great shot can be observed in both technical and artistic fields. In today's world where all black and white architecture photos are too similar to each other, Pygmalion has tried to be separated from this similarity through finding the best composition along with transferring his own vision and attitude. Consequently, he has been a successful artist in this trend."

- Milad Safabakhsh, photographer and editor of B&W Minimalism Magazine

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