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'Salt Pans II' series from Messolonghi & Tourlida

A selection of images from the 'Salt Pans II' series added to the Genius Loci collection:

It is the second visit to the area, exploring from above the Salt Pans, Tourlida fishermen's village and the 'Pelades' stilt houses of the lagoon.

The gallery has 4 sections. The 1st focuses on the salt pans of Tourlida behind the Salt Museum during the end of harvest period. The 2nd focuses on the individual stilt houses found along the causeway connecting Messolonghi to Tourlida. The 3rd explores top-down views of the fishermen's village. The 4th has miscellaneous landscapes and pathways found within this ecosystem.

Images from the first visit can be found here:

Two more photographic series have been produced from previous visits with long exposure and topographic perspectives, adding to the integral lens approach of the project:

I would also like to thank the Salt Museum in Tourlida for their hospitality and Mark DeKay for the opportunity to revisit and photograph together.


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