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Neon Bakery designed by Studio 2PiA awarded at the German Design Awards 2021

The Neon Bakery project designed by Studio 2PiA was awarded a special mention at the German Design Awards 2021. Congratulations to Panagiotis Papassotiriou for this outstanding achievement!

"With great joy we learned that our project “NEON BAKERY” was awarded Special Mention in the German Design Awards in the “Retail Architecture” category. Architecture is an art that is based in the implementation of the study in the 3-dimensional space in order to be successful. It contains an ever-lasting effort to improve the urban and suburban environments as well as minimizing the energy footprint of humans in the planet. These parameters have always been intertwined with the ideal aesthetic result. As architects, we sometimes fail or are successful in achieving our vision to be implemented. The project, which won an award in the German Design Awards, is the result of a significant effort by many people, from the owners to the last worker who worked on cleaning the site a few hours before the official opening. I would like to mention these people one by one but one post would not be enough for me to do this, so I thank them all for their help and support to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and functionally adequate result." - Panagiotis Papassotiriou


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