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Athens, Greece
designed by Office 25 Architects

Project ID:

Name: Accenture Offices

Type: Interior design / Office spaces / Reception - Lobby / Work spaces

Architects: Office 25 Architects

Lead Architects: Antonis Perpatidis, Thanasis Chrysomallis, Manolis Vourakis

Location: Athens, Greece

Client: Office 25 Architects

Photography: Pygmalion Karatzas

Photo shoot date: May 2020

Project description:

On this project Office25Architects designed the reception in the headquarters of a major multinational company in Athens.We were assigned to give a modern look to the companies offices as part of the firms re-branding. Our design is simple but a bit surreal - stone volumes are flying in a "white environment”. There is also a horizontal geometrical tree on the ceiling with leaves designed as a vertical garden on the back of the desk.

[text by the architects]


Office 25 Architects:



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