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North Aegean Slops

Thessaloniki, Greece

by Office 25 Architects

Project description:

The project concerns the redesign of NORTH AEGEAN SLOPS offices, a company that was established in 1998 in Thessaloniki and provides services related to shipping, ports, the environment and transport. This relationship between the company with the sea, was the inspiration for the concept of the project.
The office spaces were the reception area, two team workspaces, the CEO's office, a conference room, and several auxiliary areas. The central idea was developed at the CEO's office. There, all the space was designed just as the interior of a boat would be designed. Curved surfaces, sitting and storage furniture in recesses, space saving and ergonomics. We used a lot of wood, and in particular the american walnut. The crowns and the final horizontal surfaces of the furniture are made of white Corian.
The rest of the offices are designed based on simplicity and ergonomics. The basic color is white. Glass partitions, for complete transparency in workplaces. The customer's requirement was to maintain the vitreaux of the ceilings as well as the marble floor. No decorative objects were used.

[text by the architects]

Project ID:

Name: North Aegean Slops

Type: headquarter offices and workspaces

Architect: Office 25 Architects

Construction management:

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Built surface:

Design date: 2017

Completion date: 2018

Client: Office 25 Architects

Photography: Pygmalion Karatzas

Photo shoot date: January 2019

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