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Chalkidiki, Greece
designed by Office 25 Architects

Project ID:

Name: Kallithea Villas

Type: Residential / Single-family house / Holiday houses / Real Estate Developments

Architects: Office 25 Architects

Lead Architects: Antonis Perpatidis, Thanasis Chrysomallis, Manolis Vourakis

Location: Chalkidiki, Greece

Client: Office 25 Architects

Completion year: 2018

Photography: Pygmalion Karatzas

Photo shoot date: January 2019

Project description:

The project involves two detached houses with a total area of approximately 260m² each, in Kallithea, a seaside village in Kassandra peninsula, Halkidiki, Greece. The two houses have been designed in a plot, located next to the beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Halkidiki. They are designed to accommodate large families and provide high-quality hosting, through their architecture.
The land plot
The location of the land plot is the major initial advantage of the project. It is facing the beach of Kallithea, and as it is tilted, it offers a magnificent view to the sea and Toroneos gulf. The beach, is the main reason why Kallithea has been developed so much over the last thirty years and today, is considered one of the main and most sought-after places for summer vacation. Tall and dense vegetation surrounds the land, providing shade and cool places.
The houses
A common architectural language has been used, while designing the houses, but still they differ in selected parts. Each one of them, consists of three levels, basement, ground and first floor. Between them, there is a separator stone wall to ensure privacy. The roof, was designed in such a way, to offer bigger internal height, in certain rooms of the second floor. Each house has two open but sheltered parking spaces, as well as swimming pool, a bbq and a storage room on their main courtyard.
The entrance to each house is on the ground floor, which is actually situated higher than the road, due to the tilted plot. On this level, there is the kitchen, the dining, the fireplace and the sitting area. All of them facing, both the swimming pool and the sea view. The fireplace is open and placed on the centre of the room. The open linear stair, leads to the second floor, to the bedrooms.
Using either the interior or an exterior stair we reach the basement level, which is actually an independent apartment itself. It consists of a large common area with the living room and the kitchen which is open to a spacious veranda with an exterior sitting and dining area. In this level, there are also two bedrooms, a bathroom and an additional small storage room.
The yard
Both houses are surrounded by private yards with swimming pools, bbq, changing rooms, showers and a garden warehouse. A concrete pergola connects the yard to the living room. It is a transition element that is used to blend the inside and outside space.
The materials used in the project, are simple and durable to the proximity to the sea. White coating, grey stone, glass and aluminium. Internally, white marble was used on the flooring of the common areas, and natural oak flooring, for the bedrooms. Large ceramic tiles, shower cubicles and moisture resistant drywall false ceilings have been selected for the bathrooms.

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Office 25 Architects:



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