Upcoming ImageNation exhibition in Paris

Exciting new collaboration in the making with ImageNation for a group exhibition in Paris this autumn. More information as they unfold... "Talented and awarded artists from all over the world with a wide range of interests, experience and backgrounds joined by the common passion of photography. All the photographers featured here have been invited to show their work since they have the ability to see the unusual in the everyday and to capture the moment. Or because their creativity can inspire both visually as well as emotionally. Blending stories from the world with creative fine-art works, ImageNation explores the many ways of interpreting the world around us." From November 10th to 12th 2

Pre-orders for 'URBAN unveils the City and its secrets vol.3'

It is my pleasure to inform you that a selection from my ‘AQAL Views’ series will be included in the book "URBAN unveils the City and its secrets Vol. 03”. It's a 200-color-pages photographic volume with a selection of photos ranked at URBAN 2017 Photo Awards & Exhibitions, published by dotART. A series of “stories of the City” told through urban photography. On the website of the contest you can see Volume 1 and Volume 2. The book will be presented at the end of October during Trieste Photo Days 2017, just before the award ceremony of the contest. If you are interested in pre-ordering this book collection and helping the publishers with their crowdfunding of the production cost, the price i

TRU Paradise Mykonos on Arcaid Images

One of the latest photographed projects, TRU Paradise Mykonos, a renovation and interior design by Loucas Fotopoulos / Human Point Architects, on Arcaid Images.

Project update - Balamand Abbey, Lebanon

Continuing the presentation of the landmark located photographed during the OCEANUS expedition in Anfeh Lebanon, with a selection of images from Balamand Abbey. Balamand derives from the French Belmont. The name given by twelfth-century Cistercian monks to their first monastery in the Levant, founded on a hill three hundred meters above sea-level, overlooking the coastal plain sixteen kilometers southeast of Tripoli and eighty kilometers north of Beirut. Since 1603, the site has been the center of an Antiochian Greek Orthodox monastery dedicated to the Virgin Mary and to St George. It remains a place of prayer and contemplation, but since the 1970s, Balamand has become a complex of religiou

Project update - Deir el-Natour monastery, Anfeh Lebanon

Continuing the presentation of the landmark located photographed during the OCEANUS expedition in Anfeh Lebanon, with a selection of images from Deir el-Natour Monastery. The convent’s ancient origin is attached to a legend. A rich man of the region committed adultery; filled with remorse, he attached a padlocked iron chain to his ankle and threw the key into the sea-shore and survived on the fish brought to him by local fishermen, who called him the guardian of the cavern. One day, a fisherman brought him a fish, in whose entrails the hermit found the key of the padlock. He knew then that God had delivered him from his suffering, and he built a convent above the cavern. He dedicated it to T

NAARO Studio on arcspace.com

Our latest featured interview with architectural photography NAARO Studio published on arcspace.com NAARO studio is dedicated to documenting contemporary architecture around the world. Based in London, they strive to create images that reflect the unique qualities of the projects they photograph. NAARO's vision is the result of Freya Najade and Marcela Spadaro's combined expertise, encompassing a wealth of practical experience drawn from their complementary backgrounds. Freya, born in Germany, is an award-winning photographer whose strength lies within the documentation of the social and built environment. Marcela, born in Argentina, is trained as an architect and has worked for over 10 year

Project update - additional images from Rinela Restaurant in Crete by Elastic Architects

An additional set of images from the Rinela Restaurant at the Mitsis Rinela Beach Resort & Spa in Crete Island Greece designed by Elastic Architects, added to the collection. Full set can be viewed here. Elastic Architects were chosen to undertake the revamping of the outdoor pool and restaurant of Mitsis Rinela Beach Resort & Spa, in Kokkini Chani, Crete. The unobstructed sea views combined with the strong sun over the Cretan landscape, informed the architectural thinking. Functionality and integration of the custom-made furniture to the landscape was of outmost importance to the brief. The shadows casted by the wicker pergola amplify the natural materials chosen, and offer a constant trans

'Aperspectival' series wins Honorable Mention at MonoVisions Photography Awards 2017

'Aperspectival' series, a selection of images from the Integral Lens project received an Honorable Mention at the MonoVisions Photography Awards 2017 in the category of Architecture. The aim of this leading black & White Photography Magazine competition is to discover and award the best monochrome photographers for the year 2017. The international panel of judges include among others Peter Martin Gallery, Daylight Books, ND Magazine, Digital Camera Magazine, Leica Fotographie International, Atelier Home Gallery, Galleri Andersson-Sandstorm, Conny Dietzshold Gallery, Silvan Faessler Fine Art, Dodho Magazine, and Monovisions Magazine. The winning photos were selected from more than 4,000 entri

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