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Integral Lens digital exhibit

I have been preparing in collaboration with Mark DeKay a digital exhibit of Integral Lens for the Integral Art track of the upcoming Integral European Conference in Hungary on May 2020.

The video is structured in five parts:

Part 1 - 'Place is a process', combines timelapse videos from various locations taken during the 2015-2016 Integral Lens project in the U.S., along with still images from those locations.

Part 2 & 3 - 'Thinking Integral Photography' and 'Through the Integral Lens' combines extracts from the Integral Lens paper presentation at IEC 2018 by Mark and myself, along with selected images from the Integral Lens project.

Part 4 - 'The feeling of form' presents Experiential Design Schemas - an architectural concept developed by Mark - shown through architectural examples.

Part 5 - 'Teaching the view through integral lens' presents the 'Capturing the Human Experience in Place' academic mini-term developed by Mark, Susanne Bennett and myself, and conducted during May 2019 in Greece. Part 5 has three sub-sections:

Section 5.1 is a video montage by the participant Delaney Phillips putting together impressions and behind-the-scenes moments from the course.

Section 5.2 is a presentation of the students' works taken during the course, culminating in a collective exhibition at the University of Tennessee in October 2019.

Section 5.3 is a video montage with additional behind-the-scenes videos and images from the course.

I have uploaded on vimeo part 1 and parts 2 & 3.

I will be uploading in the coming days parts 4 & 5.

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