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Upcoming exhibition: Capturing the Human Experience

A draft edit of the photography exhibition & exhibition design titled 'Capturing the Human Experience: Architecture and Landscape Photography in Greece' we have been developing with prof. Mark DeKay and the University of Tennessee in Knoxville College of Architecture + Design students.

Exhibition design: Juliana Rogers & Corley Kotler Supervisors: prof. Mark DeKay, prof. Diane Fox Consultants: Pygmalion Karatzas, Susanne Bennett

Opening: October 27, 2019.

The exhibition will showcase the Mini-term we lead in May 2019 around Greece with ten students from the departments of architecture, interior design, photography & film, with locations from four regions - Athens, Santorini, Crete, Peloponnese.


Allison Bierman Riley Doty Sydney Kilburn Corley Kotler Connor Morss Delaney Philips Sam Richwine Juliana Rogers Grace Shoffner Caitlin Turner

Instructors: Mark DeKay Pygmalion Karatzas Susanne Bennett

More info to be announced.

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