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'Flowing City' photobook & collective exhibition

Delighted to participate for the second year in the Trieste Photo Days International Festival of Urban Photography events.

A collective editorial project composed of words and images in black and white, in which writing and photography intertwine and influence each other. The project includes an international exhibition and a photographic volume of 300 pages with photos and projects of the 69 selected authors, embellished by the stories of Roberto Srelz, which will be officially presented in Trieste Photo Days 2018.

Images from my 'Anicca' series are among the selected.

"Photography is fast. Photography is slow. Photography must push you to look at what is in front of you. To notice it, to be captured by it; not only to try to capture it.

Taking photos has become so immediate to be done that the small display on which we pass the finger replaces our sight. Perhaps we didn’t notice: looking at what we capture has become optional.

The difference between an image buried in the middle of thousand others in a memory card and the photo of a lived moment, is that the photo moves through time. It has the power to produce not only the simple memory, but an emotional answer in whom watches it. From reality, to the eye, to the camera, to the mind, and then to the heart: a flow. “Flowing City”.

“Flowing City” is the city that moves in front of man, together with man, inside man; and, at the same time, it’s the man that flows inside the endless movement of the city. To live those flows, to understand them, you must stop them: observe them, sometimes remove their colors and linger on emotions. At least for a fragment of time, at least for that necessary time."

- Roberto Srelz, Flowing City excerpt

Pre-orders for the 'Flowing City' book are now open:

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