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Photo Book 'URBAN unveils the City and its Secrets' vol.3

Honored to represent a Greek participation in this publication - URBAN unveils the City and its Secrets vol.3

Other countries included in the book: Italy, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, Qatar, France, India, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, USA, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Croatia, Czech Republic, Norway, Switzerland, Malaysia, Romania, Austria, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Vietnam, Cyprus, China.

A new photobook created by dotARTwith 144 phtotographers ranked at URBAN 2017 Photo Awards. The aim of this editorial project dedicated to street photography is to provide the reader with an overview of stories told through images. These images have in common an element which is either obvious or just hardly visible, and all together they make up an organic collage that reveals the City and its secrets.

The book will be presented at Trieste Photo DaysSaturday October 28 at 18.45.

URBAN unveils the City and its secrets – Vol. 03/2017 144 photographers from URBAN 2016 22×22 cm paperback 198 color pages

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