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Photo shoot of the day - A.C. Charitable Foundation expedition to Mont Athos, day 3.

Preview images from the photo shoot of the day for A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation in Mont Athos, day 3.

Locations of the 3rd expedition in Athos, July - August 2021:

40°25'43.3"N 23°59'51.0"E

40°26'05.0"N 24°00'07.8"E

40°26'39.0"N 24°00'04.0"E

40°21'12.5"N 24°08’13.8"E (Esphigmenou Monastery)

40°21'10.3"N 24°08'44.0"E

40°21'14.1"N 24°08'53.3"E

40°21'14.7"N 24°08'57.9"E

40°21'25.7"N 24°09'16.8"E

40°16'57.4"N 24°16’00.9"E (Pantokratoros Monastery)

40°15'25.0"N 24°16’53.7"E (Kaliagras Tower)

40°14'50.3"N 24°17’08.8"E (Iviron Monastery)

40°14'18.9"N 24°18’07.4"E (Holy Seat Saint Eustathios - Mylopotamos Monastery)

40°13'55.4"N 24°18'37.5"E

40°13'45.9"N 24°18’52.2"E (Karakalou Tower)

40°13'38.4"N 24°19'06.2"E

40°13'28.4"N 24°19’17.5"E (Arsenale Saint Artemiou)

40°13'05.7"N 24°19'57.4"E

40°13'01.0"N 24°20'05.8"E

40°12'54.9"N 24°20'10.7"E

40°12'45.7"N 24°20’16.9"E

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