GD residence in Valimitika 

Achaea, Greece

by architect Nikos Mourikis

Robust mediterranean architecture with strict geometry and a free horizontal order. The opening here were framed by walls of earthly colours and solid brick  to emphasise the human scale of the architecture which is narrating the psychology of its residents with simple gestures. Modest in height - not exceeding the 4 meters, and with horizontal developments in split levels to accommodate and interconnect the various programmatic functions. The open-air terraces are integrated within the volumetric envelop of the building. The interior levels create and outline the zones for day and night living, making this residence friendly and intelligible. 

The longitudinal side of the residence is developed along the north-south axis, maximising the daylight in the sleeping quarters and views towards the sea on the east, and in the living quarters and views towards the mountains on the west. A large skylight above the living room further connects the interior with its environment and suburban ambience.    


Project ID

Name: GD residence

Type: Single-family residence

Architect: Nikos Mourikis

Structural engineer: Nikos Mourikis 

Construction management: Nikos Mourikis

Location: Valimitika, Achaea Greece

Built surface: 210 sq.m.

Plot surface: 4000 sq.m.

Design date: 2002-3

Construction date: 2004

Client: Private 

Photography: Pygmalion Karatzas

Photo shoot date: March 2018


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