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'Experiential Design Schemas' book available for pre-orders

“Experiential Design Schemas presents a new theoretical and practical framework for designing architectural experiences developed by two seasoned researchers, an architect and a building scientist. It delivers 45 experiential design schemas as generative design resources in a novel, multi-scalar networked language. Each schema is published as a modular four-page spread that explains the phenomena and potential feeling state, along with compelling precedents, supporting evidence and design guidelines. Their purpose is to help designers expand the delight, joy, serenity and nature connections possible in buildings. The schema-based design guidance enables architects to choreograph positive experiences of dynamic and variable environmental conditions that connect people to Nature’s rhythms.”

An Oreo Publication authored by Mark DeKay and Gail Brager.

Book design / art direction by Hansjörg Göritz.

Editorial assistance: Susanne Bennett.

Available as pre-order for Fall 2023.

Size: 9”x9” square.

Pages: 448pp.

ISBN: 978-1-957183-73-2

World Rights: Available.

It’s been an honor these past few years during the writing and production of this book to collaborate with Mark in the photographic research and schemas’ photo illustrations. Congrats to Mark, Gail and the whole team for this exceptional publication!


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