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Selected photographer at Exhibit Around 'Chromantic'

Delighted to receive the news that my portfolios and single images are among the selected at the open call of Exhibit Around 'Chromantic' competition for a book and exhibition at the upcoming Trieste Photo Days Festival 2020.

Projects & Portfolios #1 included a selection of images from the 'Aperspectival' series.

Projects & Portfolios #2 titled 'Dusk till Dawn' included a selection of images from my architectural photo shoots.

Singles images included a selection from Nortigo.

"dotART cultural association together with Trieste Photo Days festival launched an open call for the new project Chromantic: Light / Color / Memories through the Exhibit Around platform.

Looking for photographers to participate with single photos and/or projects/portfolios, that use light in an artistic and original way, giving life to the chromatic elements and transforming color into an authorial language able to tell contemporary reality.

The lesson to be inspired is Alex Webb‘s, pioneer of color photography able to range from urban photography to journalistic reportage. Each author is therefore free to infuse his own style in his works, as well as to choose the type of photography most congenial to him.

The best photos and projects will merge into a new original project signed Exhibit Around, which will be launched in 2020 and will consist of:

- A prestigious photographic volume which will be presented during Trieste Photo Days opening weekend (end of October 2020).

- A big international collective exhibition with a selection of the best photos of the project, which will be held during the festival."

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