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3rd Integral European Conference in Hungary

“The Integral European Conferences are the main gatherings in Europe for the global integral community. We unpack the full potential of the integral approach, fleshing out the shared vision with new findings, applications, research and experiential processes to accelerate change in the world. Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory is the shared reference point and other apporaches of integral consciousness are also welcome.

When we say “integral” we are referring to Integral Theory, or AQAL, as pioneered by the contemporary American philosopher Ken Wilber. AQAL is an acronym that stands for a holisitic approach embracing:

- all Quadrants (dimensions of reality)

- all Levels (of Development)

- all Lines (of Development)

- all States (of Consciousness, but also other states)

- all Types (such as personality types, but also other types)

There are many other integral theories by other authors worth exploring. We at IEC find Ken Wilber’s model to be the most refined and encompassing theory available. As such it is a good minimum standard to cover the most essential ingredients and provide a shared language.

This concept is also reflected in our six tracks:

01. Academic, scholarly track (papers, posters)

02. General presentation track (emphasis on application and practice)

03. Experiential workshop track (healing, connection and transformation)

04. Artistic track (paintings, music, spiritual songs, etc.)

05. Teal (Integral) organizations track

06. Poster track”

[text from Integral European Conference website]

Prof. Mark DeKay, author of the award winning book ‘Integral Sustainable Design’ and my Fulbright sponsor for the ‘Integral Lens’ photographic project in United States during 2015-16, is the co-author of our paper ‘Integral Lens - exploring a multi-perspectival approach to architectural photography’, which we submitted at the theory track of the upcoming IEC in Hungary along with our photographic exhibition proposal for the artistic track.

I am grateful and honored for Mark’s collaboration and insight into the applications of integral theory in architecture. We will be updating the latest news from this journey as they unfold…

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