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Our latest featured interview with fine art photographer Irene Kung is online on

Irene Kung was born in Switzerland and trained as a painter. In the past few years, however, she has expanded her repertoire to include photography. Her works have been exhibited in numerous international galleries and her book 'The Invisible City' won the PDN Photobook 2013 award.

In her beautiful and mysterious photos, Irene Kung gives us just such a map of the city, the city of daylight transformed into the nocturnal city of dreams. In her photos, cathedrals become the heavenly palaces they must have seemed to the faithful who knew nothing of architecture and structural engineering. Monuments retain their identity and their geographical location, and yet in the process of leaving the earth to float upward into the unconscious, they shed the dry husks of culture and of purpose to become wondrous abstractions./ Francine Prose.

Full interview here.

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