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Our latest featured interview with Nick Merrick from Hedrich Blessing Photography Studio is online on

"The photographic studio Hedrich Blessing was founded in 1929 by Ken Hedrich and Henry Blessing in Chicago USA. Since the beginning of the studio's creation they believed in a strong relationship between photographer and architect, as well as mentorship between senior and younger photographers was established. These founding principles became the studio's leading philosophy throughout its history.

In 1937, Architectural Forum commissioned Hedrich Blessing to photograph recent works of Frank Lloyd Wright and in the 1950s the studio became associated with documenting the modern architecture movement, particularly with Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, Albert Kahn, Buckminster Fuller, Eero Saarinen, Minoru Yamasaki, Harry Weese and Skidmore Owings & Merrill. Although most widely known for its architectural photography, Hedrich Blessing has been working with designers in related fields such as industrial, annual report, product and editorial.

Today, there are four photographers leading the studio who build upon its history and tradition: Steve Hall, Tom Harris, Nick Merrick, and Jon Miller. Each beginning as a photographic assistant and was mentored by one of their predecessors. In the firm's 86 year history there have been twenty photographers. In 2013, the studio started offering time-based media in Motion+Sound, ranging from fully produced narratives to more basic time-lapse photography. With a long list of high profile clients Hedrich Blessing is one of the leading architectural photography firms in the US and internationally."

Full interview here.

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