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Crete, Greece
designed by Elastic Architects

Project ID:

Name: Mitsis Rinela Beach Resort & Spa

Type: Hotels / Service industry / Interior Design / Revamping - Renovation / Tourism / Hospitality

Architects: Elastic Architects

Design leader: Vasileios Bountopoulos

Location: Kokkini Chani, Crete, Greece

Completion year: 2018

Client: Elastic Architects

Photography: Pygmalion Karatzas

Photo shoot date: July 2018

Phase 2: Renovation and interior design of hotel areas: main veranda with fireplace lounge and rinela cafe, main plaza with fountain, disco-bar and pizza area, beach.

Phase 1 of renovations can be viewed here:

Project description:

Elastic Architects undertook the second renovation phase of the Mitsis Rinela Beach Resort & Spa in Kokkini Hani, in the island of Crete in Greece. The study focused on the public areas of the hotel, and more specifically the outdoor area of the main building, a café next to the restaurant (renovated in phase 1), and the beach.  The aim of Elastic Architects design was to upgrade the hotel into a space of ​​high aesthetics and hospitality. The simple design with strong Greek elements conveys the functionality of the network of areas. The game of light and shadow, the unobstructed view of the landscape and the natural materials are the key elements taken into consideration in preparing the study. The simple design highlights the texture of the chosen materials, with the shadow created by the wicker branches changing the space throughout the day. The design, which is inseparable from the functionality of the spaces and the integration into the landscape, meets the requirements of a modern five-star hotel complex.In the beach area there are five spatial units: umbrellas with loungers, a seating area, a pergola with ropes, a pergola with wicker branches and daybeds. The natural materials combined with the composition of the above units creates a pattern in space that interacts with the landscape. The café area adjacent to the restaurant - that was refurbished in the first phase of the renovation - created the need for continuity of the main architectural elements of the restaurant. The bar is positioned centrally and divides the sitting area on either side of the bar, creating planar symmetry.For the floor cement mortar was chosen with natural coloration, achieving simplicity and uniformity. The wood, the unobstructed view, the play of shadows created by the wicker mesh, are elements harmonised for the end result. In the open-air space of ​​the main building there is a pergola made of natural chestnut wood, for shading. The main entrance of the central building is marked by the elevated pergola. Between the central building area and the hotel's main swimming pool, a round plaza was designed with a water element in the center. The marble of the pool was placed in all areas around the central building as a means of unification and natural continuity of the spaces. The high entrance, the central fountain and the open-air fireplace lounge are the three focal points of reference in this network of spaces.The view towards the open blue sea is the protagonist.  [text by Elastic Architects]


Elastic Architects:

Mitsis Hotels:


Pergolas & daybeds: Stauroulakis Nikos

Lighting of exterior spaces:

Chairs, tables & decorations:

Additional furniture:


Kataskeves Ktirion

Plataforma Arquitectura

Divisare Atlas of Architecture

KTIRIO Magazine


International Photography Awards 2018, Honorable Mention

Trieste Photo Days Festival 2018, Selection & Exhibition.

Archdaily Building of the Year 2019, Nomination.

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