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Anavyssos Attica, Greece
designed by Elastic Architects

Project ID:

Name: Ever Eden Beach Resort

Type: Hotels / Service industry / Interior Design / Revamping - Renovation / Tourism / Hospitality

Architects: Elastic Architects

Lead architects: Ria Vogiatzi & Alexandros Xenos

Landscaping: VAP Architects

Construction: EKTER

Location: Anavyssos Attica, Greece

Completion year: 2019

Client: Elastic Architects

Photography: Pygmalion Karatzas

Photo shoot date: August 2019

Project description:

The 4* Hotel EverEden Beach Resort is located in Mavro Lithari, Anavyssos, Attica and is the refurbishment of Eden Hotel, which was designed and constructed in 1970, by Michael Parissis and Lilian Tsaroucha. The resort consists of 3 buildings of different architectural morphology and construction date. The main characteristic of the buildings is the arcades, which in combination with its expansion on the hill, designated it as a landmark in the Attica Riviera. Elastic Architects undertook the architectural, as well as the interior design of the entire complex, while the landscape design was made in collaboration with the VAP Architects office. The design approach was to simplify the existing facades and unify them through common architectural language by introducing subtle elements.Horizontality was amplified by the use of linear balconies, periodically interrupted by the vertical extension of the grid used to form the interior of the buildings. In order to further enhance the common architectural language, materials used are kept to a minimum, with earthly undertones augmenting the stone additions. The resort includes 260 keys, divided in 5 different types, two restaurants and three swimming pools. The newly introduced spa included an indoor pool, a gym and a business center. Landscaping includes playgrounds, an outdoor teather and botanical garden, and features an immediate connection to the beach via an underground passage.The three buildings are interconnected with a three-layered network of roads, corridors and paths, bordered by newly introduced greenery throughout. Interaction between indoor and outdoor areas manifests via pergolas, as direct extension of the interior function. The flora of the landscape is reflected in the interior design through the reinterpretation of natural forms, adorned by marble, timber and metal. Water fountains signify direction and curved timber elements are translated as gather points.

[text by the architects]


Elastic Architects:


Electrical installations: Hager Hellas


Kataskeves Ktirion

Hotels & Luxury Resorts in Greece


100% Hotel Design Awards 2019 shortlisted.

Interiors Awards 2020, Silver Award.

Image Copyright: Rights-Managed © Pygmalion Karatzas.

Image Licensing: High-resolution images are available for editorial and limited commercial use.
Edition Type: Open edition print.
Fine Art Prints: Images are available in gallery-quality fine art prints on various sizes, media and framing options.
Please inquire for further information for usage licensing and prints.

Archive stat.: 166 final images presented

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