WEBSITE NAVIGATION website has grown to have more than 400 pages with an archive of 2500+ images.

A navigation of its sections, content and functions is described below.

01. Architectural: the architectural section hosts all the photographed buildings catalogued geographically.
1.1 Greece
1.2 USA
1.3 EXPO Milano Pavilions
1.4 Qatar
1.5 Europe
The main gallery of each region shows a cover image from each project and by clicking on the thumbnail, the page of the project opens displaying the full set of images and related information. Project pages with many images have a number of project galleries within them: exterior day, exterior sunset/dusk/night/dawn/sunrise, interior, closeups & details, different sections/functions of buildings, aerial/drone, etc. to make their presentation more comprehensive.

02. Artistic: the artistic section presents my fine art photography works catalogued thematically.
2.1 Integral Lens
2.2 Being Becoming
2.3 Morphogenesis
2.4 Doha Icons
2.5 Anicca
2.6 Oceanus
2.7 Schemas

2.8 Emergence
Similarly to the architectural section, the main gallery of the artistic collections, shows a cover image from each portfolio and by clicking on the thumbnail, the page of the series opens displaying the full set of images and related information.

03. Commercial: the commercial section consists of miscellaneous photographed projects catalogued by business sector.
3.1 Hotels / Tourism
3.2 Real Estate / Airbnb / luxury retreats
3.3 Service industry (cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs, Spa, offices, retail stores, professional spaces, designer products, life style)
3.4 Exhibitions / Events (museums, galleries, pavilions, trade shows, expeditions, conferences, festivals, promotional events)
3.5 Constructors (manufacturers, vendors, building material, construction sites, works in progress)
3.6 Locations / Destination
3.7 Videography
Navigation works in a similar manner as in sections 1 and 2: main gallery with a cover image for each project, and by clicking on the thumbnail, the page with the full set of images opens.

04. Workshops: the workshops section presents educational courses on architectural and fine art photography developed and conducted in collaboration with other professionals and institutions.  

05. Photo Editor: as photo editor for - the ezine of the Danish Architecture Center based in Copenhagen - I conducted exclusive interviews with photographers from around the world and curated their work in the online gallery of the website dedicated to architectural photography. In the editorial section I showcase this work with links to their published pages on arcspace.  

06. Publications: in this section I sample the various dissemination avenues of my work. The print / web page has a list of publications from 2013 to present, the Books page presents my photo-book collections with a link to order hard copies through, a list of articles, interviews and presentations, and samples of city guides and monographs.
6.1 Print / Web
6.2 Books
6.3 Articles (articles, interviews, competition curations, lectures, workshops, presentations)
6.4 City Guides
6.5 Monographs

07. About: in this section I include a short biography, an outline of the provided services and my photographic approach, a list of awards from international photography competitions, testimonials from clients and professionals in the field, a list of exhibitions my work has participated, and a sample of my architecture practice from 1999 to 2012.
7.1 Bio / Services
7.2 Awards
7.3 Testimonials
7.4 Exhibitions
7.5 Architecture

08. Shop: all images are available either for limited / open edition fine art prints or for editorial / commercial licensing.
8.1 Fine Art Prints
8.2 Licensing
8.3 Products

09. News: the news section consists of blog entries highlighting the latest activities of the studio in chronological order.