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Villa Elxis 

Paros Island, Greece

Set at the Northern part of the island, in a prime location near the ancient Mycenaean Acropolis and the sandy beach of Kolybithres, this elegant villa offers an overlook at the Aegean azure sea waters and the power site of the sculptured rocks of the acropolis, in combination with panoramic views of the island of Naxos and the picturesque town of Naousa. 

Reflecting on the organic character of the Cycladic vernacular streetscape and the gradual spatial connections and fluidity between exterior and interior living of the Mediterranean climate, this large residential program is organised in smaller units creating a narrative sequence of spaces between open courtyards, pathways, semi-open lounges, semi-private verandas, guest rooms, pool area and living rooms. 

Set against a steep east-facing slope, the longitudinal axis of the house is organised north to south, allowing all exterior and interior space to enjoy plenty of morning light and unobstructed views towards the bay. Parking spaces are placed on both the north and south edges of the plot, serving the main entrance to the complex and the secondary entrance to the pool area. The nexus of the residence is the covered lounge with a monastic dining table that serves both as the entrance to the main T&T house and Melina guest house, as well as the common meeting space. 

The main T&T house in the center of the composition, consists of the living room, dining, kitchen and auxiliary rooms on the elevated ground floor; a playroom and two bedrooms with en suite bathrooms on the semi-basement level; and the master bedroom with a large veranda on the upper level. Three independent guest rooms are placed on the south and north sides of the main house with separate entrances. The 500 sq.m. pool area also serves as one of the common meeting spaces of the villa, with covered lounges, a large custom-made dining table, bbq and wood-fired oven, and swimming pool with a wide terrace open to the panoramic views of the bay and the hills. 

The load-bearing structure is with reinforced concrete while all exterior and interior walls are finished with a stucco paint of ground colours balancing the surrounding natural environment. Wooden floors and ceilings, custom-made window frames, wall alcoves, restored antique furniture and a rustic decor, add to the warm character of the residence. 

The main concept was a holiday villa that can be enjoyed throughout all seasons by the family and also function as a luxury retreat for destination visitors from around the world. Paros is a central island in the Aegean Sea, rich in Cycladic history and a popular tourist destination. Located on the hills of Naousa bay, the emphasis is given on enjoying being there with all the senses.


Project ID:

Architect: Studio 265 / Vazaios Petropoulos,

Location: Paros island, Greece

Client: Giorgis Kanakaris & Tatiana Synodinou 

Photography: Pygmalion Karatzas


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