Anyfi residential extension

Argolis, Greece

designed by Studio 2Pi Architecture

Project description:

The desire for relocation of a family on one of the members’ place of origin has created the need to add more space to the existing dwelling.
The family returns / settles in Greece after an absence of many years abroad for that member.
The unobstructed view of 180 degrees in the valley of Argolida with the mountain outlines and ridges to define the limits is the first indication that their life and daily routine has changed.
The desire to relocate from a crowded and bustling city of northern Europe to a village in the southern Mediterranean region is accompanied by an attempt to build a house open and inviting to the environment and at the same time keeping all bioclimatic and quality features necessary for this specific climate zone.
Our proposal for a roof extension with an unobstructed view offers the tranquility and calmness desired by the owners and at the same time promotes a private and detached residence that was missing from their routine in the big city.
The proposal consists of the redesign of the interior space by dividing the existing dwelling into two self-contained apartments accompanied by the addition of the roof extension which includes use of the terrace with pergola and recreation area.
We are aiming to achieve qualitative and energy upgrading of the existing dwelling by adding external insulation, air heat pump, energy class A doors and windows and the redesign of the garden area to be used throughout the year
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Project ID:

Name: Anyfi extension

Type: Residential / Extension

Architects: Studio 2Pi Architecture | Panagiotis Papassotiriou

Location: Argolis, Greece 

Client: Studio 2Pi Architecture | Panagiotis Papassotiriou

Completion year: 2019

Photography: Pygmalion Karatzas

Photo shoot date: August 2019



Studio 2Pi Architecture



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