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Photo shoot of the day - A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation expedition to Thasos, day 1

Preview images from the photo shoot of the day for A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation in Thasos island, day 1.

Locations of the 2nd expedition for the Typhoon Project in Samothraki & Thaso islands, July 2021:

Beach 1 Samothraki: 40°24'54.9"N 25°32’28.4"E (18 July)

Beach 2 Samothraki: 40°29'51.2"N 25°30’09.6"E (19 July, 1st shift)

Beach 3 Samothraki: 40°30'09.9"N 25°31’06.4"E (19 July, 1st shift)

Beach 4 Samothraki: 40°30'17.7"N 25°32'18.5"E (19 July, 1st shift)

Beach 5 Samothraki: 40°29'12.2"N 25°39'52.0"E (19 July, 2nd shift)

Beach 6 Thaso: 40°46'04.8"N 24°43'43.7"E (20 July, 1st shift)

Beach 7 Thaso: 40°45'49.4"N 24°43'51.5"E (20 July, 1st shift)

Beach 8 Thaso: 40°45'44.4"N 24°43'52.7"E (20 July, 2nd shift)

Beach 9 Thaso: 40°45'37.4"N 24°43'59.1"E (21 July, 1st shift)

Beach 10 Thaso: 40°45'33.4"N 24°44'03.6"E (21 July, 1st shift)

Beach 10-2 Thaso: 40°45'30.2"N 24°44'08.9"E (21 July, 1st shift)

Beach 11 Thaso: 40°44'04.1"N 24°46'24.8"E (21 July, 2nd shift)

Beach 12 Thaso: 40°42'22.6"N 24°46'07.7"E (21 July, 2nd shift)

Beach 13 Thaso: 40°42'01.4"N 24°46'34.1"E (21 July, 2nd shift)

Beach 14 Thaso: 40°35'46.0"N 24°36'49.7"E (22 July, 1st shift)

Beach 15 Thaso: 40°35'46.0"N 24°36'55.4"E (22 July, 1st shift)

Beach 15-2 Thaso: 40°35'46.1"N 24°37'00.5"E (22 July, 1st shift)

Beach 16 Thaso: 40°35'46.9"N 24°36'33.4"E (22 July, 1st shift)

Beach 17 Thaso: 40°35'52.5"N 24°36'25.2"E (22 July, 2nd shift)

Beach 18 Thaso: 40°35'47.7"N 24°36'18.6"E (22 July, 2nd shift)

Beach 19 Thaso: 40°36'04.0"N 24°36'31.8"E (22 July, 2nd shift)

Beach 20 Thaso: 40°36'00.6"N 24°36'31.8"E (22 July, 2nd shift)

Teaser video from day 3 in Thasos island:

My thanks to Chairman of the board Evi Lazou, executive director Dr. Angeliki Kosmopoulou, programs coordinator Peggy Xirotagarou, Typhoon Project coordinator Michalis Prevenios, and the whole crew of the Typhoon vessel for entrusting me with the documentation of this project.

More about the Foundation and its activities:


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