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'Holarchies' exhibition at the Trieste Photo Fringe 2018

Delighted to announce the participation at the Trieste Photo Fringe festival titled 'Holarchies - architectural holons'.

This collection consists of works from three larger groups of projects, both self-initiated and from commissioned assignments: 01. ‘EXPO Milano 2015 - a photographic presentation of the pavilions’. The Danish Architecture Center and Arcspace where the affiliated medial organisations. 02. ‘Nortigo - architectural abstractions’, a book proposal submitted at the TPD 2018, and part of the 'Integral Lens' project. The Fulbright Foundation Greece and the University of Tennessee in Knoxville were the affiliated institutions. 03. ‘Future Memories - editorial architectural photography’. The exhibition is sponsored by Sky-Frame and TRIF.

I extend my gratitude to Laura Imhof and Sergey Fedotov for their generous support.

My warm thanks also to Stefano Ambroset for organizing this grand and rich in content event celebrating urban photography.

The festival will take place between 18th October and 25th November 2018 in various venues across Trieste Italy.

Below I include a sample of the participating panels:

Panels from EXPO Milano 2015.

Panel of TRU Paradise Mykonos project by Human Point Architects.

Panel of TRIF House project by Sergey Fedotov architect.

Panel of Villa White project by Harald Nürnberg architect.

Panel of Mitsis Rinela Beach Resort & Spa by Elastic Architects.

Panel of Mitsis Rodos Village Beach Hotel & Spa by MKV Design.

Panel of Villa Elxis project by Studio 265 Architects.

Panel of Cycladic House in vineyard by Nikolas Kouretas architect.

Panels from 'Nortigo' series, Integral Lens project.

Design is the first signal of human intention. Architectural design is a prime example of tangible and intangible connections between matter and spirit. The title of the series is a reference to Arthur Koestler’s seminal book and his concept of holons – something that is simultaneously a whole and a part. This fractal like relationship of architectonic elements is meaningful in different levels of scale and perspective such as “in and out”, “up and down”, or “made up of, and make up”. A single detail of a structure can include within it the essence of the whole building – the “ghost in the shell”.

“Design is not always immediately perceived, nor is it meant to be fully understood. Design is not entirely definable even though the mind insists that it should be. Rather, design prefers the euphoria of epiphany and the steadfastness of growth. Revealed to consciousness through attachments and correspondences, design prefers to perpetuate an understanding between the seen and the unseen, between spirit and matter.”

- Carl Garant, ‘The Tao of Design

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