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Photo shoot of the day - Mitsis Rodos Village Hotel

Preview image from the photo shoot of the day at the Mitsis Rodos Village Hotel in Rhodes Island Greece. More images upcoming.

Photo shoot statistic: Start: Monday July 23, 5 am Finish: Thursday July 26, 4 pm Traveling: 14 hours Logistics, discussions, setups, previews, editing: 19 hours Photo shoots: 34 hours Breaks, sleep: 14 hours

Total time: 83 hours

Scenes photographed: 01. Entrance & canopy, exterior, at various hours of day & night 02. Entrance lounge, interior, at various hours of day & night 03. Lobby, interior, at night and morning 04. Plaza with pergola, exterior, day and night 05. Reception, interior, night and morning, with and without people 06. Pool, exterior, at various hours of day & night 07. Day Bar, interior at night 08. Night Bar, interior at various hours, with and without people 09. Night Bar Veranda, exterior & closeups with view, sunrise, morning, dawn 10. Reading Spa, interior & exterior, at various hours 11. Restaurant from pool, exterior, night and sunrise 12. Restaurant, interior, night and day 13. Restaurant Veranda, exterior, at various hours of day & night 14. Restaurant Veranda from garden and pool, exterior, day & dusk 15. Spa (pool, reception & massage room), interior, day and afternoon, with and without people

Images taken: 1500 Images send for preview: 300

A very demanding photo shoot, as the 5 star hotel was in full capacity in high season, the all-inclusive type of hospitality keeps the common areas busy during all hours of day and night, and the many areas to cover had different time-frames to coordinate with their departments.

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