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'Integral Lens' paper presented at the IEC 2018

The 'Integral Lens' project started as my Fulbright Artist Scholarship photo-journey between 2015-2016. Prof. of architecture Mark DeKay and the University of Tennessee was the affiliated sponsor.

After the end of the 5-month trip, 'Integral Lens' continued with the publications of three books with thematic series of images, and one extra volume with selections from the series that received 27 distinctions in international photography competitions between 2016 and 2018.

During the same period, Mark and I co-authored the paper 'Integral Lens - exploring a multi-perspectival approach to architectural photography', that was presented at the 3rd Integral European Conference in Siofok Hungary on May 26th 2018.

Some impressions from the conference are included below.

With more than 500 participants and 180 presenters from 45 countries, the Integral European Conference was a unique gathering to share our experiences and knowledge to one of the most inspiring and positive movements of our time.

Being involved with the Integral movement since 2001, it is truly an honor to contribute with my work in this way. My special thanks to Mark DeKay for supporting the continuous development of the material, to the IEC organizers for their scholarship support in attending, and to the participants who came and gave us their love, connection and wonderful feedback.

I will upload our presentation soon on issuu. Do stay tuned...

For those interested, they can find the paper online here, and in a pdf format here.

With the feedback from the conference, I will be working on a revised version to fine tune and expand many of the chapters.

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