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'Aperspectival' series wins Honorable Mention at MonoVisions Photography Awards 2017

'Aperspectival' series, a selection of images from the Integral Lens project received an Honorable Mention at the MonoVisions Photography Awards 2017 in the category of Architecture.

The aim of this leading black & White Photography Magazine competition is to discover and award the best monochrome photographers for the year 2017. The international panel of judges include among others Peter Martin Gallery, Daylight Books, ND Magazine, Digital Camera Magazine, Leica Fotographie International, Atelier Home Gallery, Galleri Andersson-Sandstorm, Conny Dietzshold Gallery, Silvan Faessler Fine Art, Dodho Magazine, and Monovisions Magazine. The winning photos were selected from more than 4,000 entries from all over world.

Aperspectival’ series takes a more intimate look at urban landscapes, influenced by the metropolitan condition ‘terrain vague’ as defined by Ignasi de Sola-Morales - the anonymous reality of spaces on the fringes of organised urban planning. In this selection urban scenes from Miami are presented in a way that highlights the formalistic aspects while the blurring of time is intended to give a timeless feel. The series fuses the boundaries between topographic/representation and expressionistic/pictorial iconography in its exploration of the integral perspective.

Art Deco District #1, South Beach, Miami

Art Deco District #2, South Beach, Miami

Belle Isle, South Beach, Miami

Lake Pancoast, South Beach, Miami

AA Arena, Downtown Miami

South Beach #1, Miami

1111 Lincoln str. Parking, South Beach, Miami

South Beach #2, Miami

Images are part of a larger project: ‘Integral Lens - multi perspectival approaches to the study and representation of the built environment’. A visual journey of contemporary architecture and cityscapes from United States. The project was awarded by Fulbright Foundation and sponsored by the College of Architecture and Design in Knoxville Tennessee.

The book collection can be ordered through in hard copies. Size large square, 30x30 cm (12x12 in), hardcover, image wrap cover design.

“The photographs themselves take a range of subjects, both city and nature, buildings and contexts, interiors and exteriors, wholes and parts, full of people and empty of habitation, frozen structures and dynamic skies—cityscapes, urban waterscapes and wild landscapes. The wide-angle Karatzas lens ranges widely. If integral consciousness is “aperspectival” (meaning beyond individual perspectives), as Jean Gebser put it, then something of this lens is available to viewers of this work. Although filled with page-turning anticipation about what comes next, this is not work to be glanced over as a coffee-table fashion book. I encourage you to take a long-exposure view of each image. Let the Integral Lens take you somewhere.” - Prof. Mark DeKay, Author ‘Integral Sustainable Design’

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