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Clover house on PROLAT's natural innovative material featured projects

"Despite the pessimism of the famous song that insists that “we’ll never find the way to Kythera”, we did find it… and were truly impressed by the beauty and variety offered by this island that has it all: picturesque villages, castles, ravines and caves, and of course amazing beaches with crystal clear waters. But we had one more reason to be impressed: on a slope with uninterrupted views over the infinite blue of the Aegean, this modern house, designed and constructed by RC Tech architectural office, combines clean, minimalist lines with gentle arches, wood and stone that vividly remind of traditional island architecture. On all the surfaces of the ample open interior and exterior spaces PROLAT has used Lavaplaster, creating a functional, restful and pleasant environment that is dominated by white and grey, with refreshing blue touches, and blends harmoniously into the natural surroundings. Which is definitely an ideal and inspiring environment not only for holidays but for everyday life too…"

Featured story can be viewed here.

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