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Kythera island, Greece
designed by R.C. Tech 

Project ID:

Name:Clover House

Type: Residential / single-family house / Interior design / vacation houses

Architects: R.C. Tech Architecture Firm

Structural Engineer: R.C. Tech

Mechanical Engineer: Vassilis Lykoskoufis

Project management / Construction: R.C. Tech

Landscape design: Dania Panagiotopoulou

Location: Kythera island, Greece 

Client: R.C. Tech / Giannis Douridas

Completion year: 2016

Photography: Pygmalion Karatzas

Photo shoot date: August 2016

Project description:

The Clover House is located on the south side of the island of Kythera, where gentle slopes and low vegetation with herbs and shrubs form a typical Mediterranean landscape. The area of the property, with an altitude of about 330m, has unobstructed view towards the village of Chora, the Venetian castle and the islet of Hytra.

The architectural composition sought to integrate the house harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. The development of the house was linear, parallel to the view, in two ground floor volumes - the main house and a guest house. An arch acts as the connecting element of the two volumes, a reference to the local form of ‘sfendonia’ (σφενδόνια) employed in stone houses. The corridor created between the two main building blocks, crowned by the large arch, forms the transverse reference axis of the composition, guiding the eye of the entering visitor to the spectacular South views. A distinct feature is also the tapered form of the walls which enhances the sense of the building’s proportions, a feature often found in structures around the island.

The residence’s functions are developed behind a vertical plane formed by the stone wall that runs along the north side of the house, where the main entrance to the property is located. With slightly curved track, the wall consolidates the features of the north facade, while its figure refers to the walls of the Venetian castle that sits in direct view, on the opposite slope of Chora. This curved diaphragm serves also as a windbreaker, protecting during the winter months. For this reason, the openings on the north side are small, yet capable to allow the cool north breeze to enter during the summer months.

The main house is formed by three consecutive individual volumes - the one in the middle with slightly greater height. The two end blocks assemble the living rooms and bedrooms. At the center, sits in recess the third and higher volume, which houses an office space. A large opening in the living room, leads the eye of the observer freely to the sea, while expanding the inside rooms to the garden outside.

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