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New York, USA
designed by Grimshaw architects / ARUP

Project ID:

Name: Fulton Center

Type: Public / Transportation hub

Lead Design Firm: ARUP -

Architects: Grimshaw -

Artist: James Carpenter

Design Associates -

Collaborator on Sky Reflector-Net: Schlaich Bergermann und Partner

Location: New York, USA

Photography: Pygmalion Karatzas

Photo shoot date: November 2015

Project description:

Situated in the heart of Lower Manhattan, the Fulton Center is designed to be a catalyst for development and growth that celebrates the city’s history while looking forward to the area’s future.Drawing inspiration from the neighbourhood’s cast iron buildings and incorporating the restored 1888 Corbin Building, the extensive complex offers improved accessibility to New York City’s storied mass transit system in a durable, elegant setting.The streetscape permeates the building through carefully aligned entrances that offer clear and efficient pathways to the train platforms below. Once underground, passengers navigate clearly defined routes through brighter, widened passageways, new elevators and logical signage.The transit hub’s atrium rises 34 m and is topped by a conical dome centered on the concourse below.The central architectural concept of redirecting natural light deep into the transit environment culminates in the design of the dome’s interior and a new integrated artwork titled Sky Reflector-Net, a collaboration with James Carpenter Design Associates, Grimshaw, and Arup, with form-finding by Schlaich Bergermann und Partner, commissioned by MTA Arts & Design and MTA Capital Construction Company.Suspended above the atrium, Sky Reflector-Net is composed of 112 tensioned cables, 224 high-strength rods and nearly 10,000 stainless steel components.The dynamic transport environment is a vital link to this commercial centre and its growing residential sector, streamlining connectivity between eleven New York City Transit subway lines and enhancing the user experience for 300,000 daily transit passengers.[text by the architects]






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