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France Pavilion / EXPO Milano 2015

Milan Italy

Studio X-TU, Studio ALN Atelien

and Studio Adeline Rispal

Project description:

Envisioned as a covered market built from locally sourced reusable wood, france’s pavilion for expo milan 2015 is centered around the theme of ‘producing and nurturing in another way’. Designed by XTU architects, the 3,600 square meter structure utilizes lightweight construction methods that ensure that the pavilion can be disassembled and reused after the exposition. Throughout the scheme, particular attention has been given to reducing energy consumption, waste recycling and water purification.
Vegetation grows organically throughout the latticed structure, with a range of herbs and hops actively contributing towards the visitors experience of the fertile marketplace. This hub of activity at the ground floor culminates in a restaurant at the upper level of the design where the fresh produce is cooked and served to guests attending the expo. Additional programs include a small boutique offering all the variety and quality of french food, while a demonstration zone gives a practical and hands-on exhibition of french cooking.
Taking into account that there will be an estimated 9 billion people living on earth by 2050, the project seeks to find solutions for self-sufficiency, considering different production methods that result in better nourishment. The design is conceived as a place of exchange, but also of creation, imagined as a metaphor for a physical territory where new perspectives on food and nutrition can grow and manifest, positively influencing the future of the planet.

[text by the architects, source:, editor: Philip Stevens]