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Archistracts from the EXPO Milan Pavilions

by Pygmalion Karatzas

Features & Details

Primary Category: Photography, Architecture, Abstract, Fine Art

Web edition, PDF

Size: Large Format Square, 12x12 in, 30x30 cm

Pages: 74

Publish Date: March 2020

Language: English

About the book

Architectonic abstractions from EXPO Milan Pavilions photographed by Pygmalion Karatzas.

Design is the first signal of human intention. Architectural design is a prime example of tangible and intangible connections between matter and the human spirit. The title of the series is a reference to Arthur Koestler’s seminal book and his concept of holons - something that is simultaneously a whole and a part. This fractal like relationship of architectonic elements is meaningful in different levels of scale and perspective such as “in and out”, “up and down”, “made up of and make up”. A single detail of a structure can include within it the essence of the whole building - the “ghost in the shell”. This collection consists of works from the EXPO Milan 2015 Pavilions.

Pygmalion Karatzas
Architectural & Fine Art Photographer
B.Sc. Architecture
M.Sc. Urban Design

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