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Awarded series: 'OCEANUS'

Quarry1 MR
Anfeh bay9
Peninsula1 MR
Peninsula dusk3
Peninsula dusk5

‘OCEANUS’ series is a selection of images from the marine geophysical surveying expedition in Anfeh Lebanon with the Laboratory of Marine Geology & Physical Oceanography from the University of Patras Greece in collaboration with the Department of Archaeology & Museology of the University of Balamand Lebanon. Adjusting and exploring this new subject matter was combined with my on-going integral approach to photography. The topographic-objective perspective was used to familiarise with the location and produce images that can be viewed with interest both by local people who know the area well, and by a broader audience who is outside the geo-archaeological field. The expressionist-subjective perspective was also included to add a feeling of timelessness, as these traces of civilisation extend through millennia. Their photographic treatment is intended to elevate them to pure existence, an on-site iconographic museum display.

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