Awarded series: Empire State of Mind, Integral Lens project

Experiencing the vastness of the American landscape and cityscapes, I am reminded of Rem Koolhaas ‘Bigness’: “Beyond a certain scale, architecture acquires the properties of Bigness. The best reason to broach Bigness is the one given by climbers of Mount Everest: “because it is there.” Bigness is ultimate architecture.” The coupling of urban with rural locations reflects the dominant dichotomy of contemporary living, while the 2x1 format follows the panoramic feeling of the open vistas. With this series the scale is broadened to scenes from urban and suburban parts of the visited locations, in search of the iconic and the genius loci. Images presenting characteristic and unique features of landmark places, unapologetic of their strong presence, inviting us to connect - be it for a reason, for a season or for a lifetime.