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Amanzoe Resort

Porto Heli, Argolis Greece

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Amanzoe luxury hotel & villas in Porto Heli Greece designed by architect Edward Tuttle


Amanzoe lays amongst centuries old olive groves, boasting panoramic views of the glittering tranquil sea, the neighbouring vineyards, and the awe-inspiring mountains. Porto Heli is located on the southern tip of the Peloponnese peninsula, the resort town takes full advantage of its alluring coastline, agreeable weather, and glistening views of the Aegean Sea. The “Acropolis”-like site on Agios Panteleimonas covers an area of 8 hectares, while the pavilions / guest rooms are spread on the east and west wings of the plot, well-integrated into the landscape with green roofs and lush vegetation.  
Designed by quintessential Aman Resorts architect Edward Tuttle, this exclusive haven of unsurpassed beauty has quickly become the Mediterranean playground of those in the know, enabling the “Greek Riviera” to take its rightful place in international high class tourism.
Inspired by classic Greek architecture, Tuttle’s design allows for optimal views, with flat roofs supported by graceful colonnades, creating the perfect set-up for unobstructed panoramas, while establishing a sense of flow and openness between the external and internal spaces. Meanwhile inside, high ceilings and cold materials such as marble and natural stones are tempered by warming oak accents.
The development includes facilities & amenities such as:
42 Pavilions with private pools, Beach Club, Spa & Yoga Pavilion, Restaurant & outdoor dining terrace, Pool restaurant, Lounge bar, Library, Boutique, Art Gallery, Amphitheatre, Meeting room, Swimming pool, Gym and Pilates studio, Tennis courts, Wide range of outdoor activities, Helipad, Villas.
The Villas are sited to provide all residents with uninterrupted views of the sea and vistas of the undulating hills and olive groves surrounding the properties. Their size varies from 2 bedroom on a 0.5 hectare lot and 320 sq.m., to 4-5 bedroom on 1 hectare lot and 700 sq.m.
The Beach Club offers a range of water sports and sea adventures, or a chance to relax at the beach bar, have a massage by the water and enjoy freshly cooked food at the restaurant. Cabbanas are also available for day use.
Doxiadis Plus, landscaping architects, describe their approach to this project:
“Aman’s philosophy pays great respect to the places where the resorts are located, wanting the guests to feel they are “there” rather than “anywhere”. This closely matches our own philosophy of landscape architecture, which must work with and enhance the existing landscape rather than creating a heterotopia.
The landscape design recognizes the elements of the existing landscape: the pine forests, the maquis and phrygana aromatic vegetation, the grand old olive and carob trees, the vineyards, the wheat-fields, and the stone agricultural walls. These elements are re-used in the resort to form various qualities, from refined to wild, and provide for a multitude of sensations, and for a feeling that one is “in” the landscape, part of it, rather than looking at it from a distance.
These techniques provide not only for a beautiful landscape which belongs to the area, but also for important environmental gains: local biodiversity and landscape history is retained, water usage and the need for pesticides and chemicals is minimized, and the re-use of the excavated earth to form walls, road surfaces, pebbles for mulching and soil for planting reduces the environmental footprint of the construction, while at the same time integrating the new resort with the materials and sensations of the surrounding landscape.” -
In its six years of operation, Amanzoe has won numerous international awards and distinctions, the most recent being ranked 4th Best Hotel in Europe and 26th among the world’s 100 by Conde Nast Traveler readers at the 2017 Travel Awards.

Project ID:

Name: Amanzoe Resort & Villas

Type: Luxury hotel & holiday residences

Location: Agios Panteleimonas, Kranidi, Argolis, Greece 

Design date: 2008 - 2010
Completion date, phase one (main hotel facilities & pavilions): 2012

Completion date, phase two (villas): 2012 - present

Plot size: 8 hectares (80.000 sq.m.)

Project development & implementation: Dolphin Capital Group
Architects: Edward Tuttle | Designrealization | Archiplus Architects
Principal architect: Edward B. Tuttle
Interior & furniture design: Edward B. Tuttle
Landscape architects: Doxiadis Plus
Mechanical Engineer: LDK
Structural Engineer: KION
Lighting Engineer: FOSS
Construction: Domotechniki

Collaborators: Denniston International Architects & Planners Ltd

Associates: Tsoulos & Associates

Client: Konstantinos Gregoriadis

Photography: Pygmalion Karatzas

Photo shoot date: November 2018

Amanzoe Luxury Hotel & Resort:
Architect Edward Tuttle:
Landscape architects Doxiadis Plus:
Photography Pygmalion Karatzas:




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