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Sparti, Greece
by Tzinieris Architecture & Design

Project ID:

Name: Threshing hut

Type: Renovation / Cottage / Holiday hut

Architects: Spyros Tzinieris / Tzinieris Architecture & Design

Location: Sparti, Greece

Client: Spyros Tzinieris

Completion year: 2019

Photography: Pygmalion Karatzas

Photo shoot date: February 2020

Project description:

The biggest threshing floor of the area, situated on top of a hill near Sparta, was the starting point of a unique building, without specific use.The small building had not been the primary design element but, rather part of a general attempt to control modern architectural traces on the landscape in relation to the older circled threshing floor.Multiple elements- such as retaining walls, paving materials etc.. - expand starting from the property’s entrance, forming linear shapes with obtuse angles as they approach the dominant circular geometric element.The use of conventional and traditions typologies and materials (roof tiles, stone walls, wooden arbor) in conjunction with the above design choices aimed at the creation of a no “era-specific”  architectural composition in the same way it happened with the threshing floor.


Tzinieris Architecture & Design:



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