'TYPHOON - THASO' series
Aerial planar images from the A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation expedition in Thaso island

Thasos1_40°42'01.4_N 24°46'34.1_E sq
Thasos2_40°35'46.1_N 24°37'00.5_E sq
Thasos3_40°36'04.0_N 24°36'31.8_E sq
Thasos4_40°35'46.0_N 24°36'49.7_E sq
Thasos5_40°35'52.5_N 24°36'25.2_E
Thasos6_40°42'01.4_N 24°46'34.1_E
Thasos7_40°35'46.0_N 24°36'46.4_E
Thasos8_40°45'44.4_N 24°43'52.7_E
Thasos9_40°45'33.4_N 24°44'03.6_E
Thasos10_40°35'47.7_N 24°36'18.6_E
Thasos11_40°46'04.8_N 24°43'43.7_E

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