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Saint Petersburg, Russia
designed and manufactured by Trif Mebel - Sergey Fedotov

Project ID:

Name: Trif Mebel

Type: Design Furniture / Manufacturers / Vendors

Designer: Sergey Fedotov

Company location: St. Petersburg Russia

Client: Trif Mebel

Photography: Pygmalion Karatzas

Photo shoot date: November 2018

Project description:

TRIF-MEBEL is a Russian company engaged in the manufacture of premium garden and outdoor furniture, as well as furniture for hotels and restaurants. The range of unique developments includes outdoor furniture with LED lights and anti-vandal furniture for urban spaces.The TRIF furniture is made from stainless steel and solid wood, with the use of natural leather, eco-leather or fabric. They offer a broad choice of wood species: oak, teak, larch, nutwood, birch, among others. The seamless welded stainless steel frame and solid wood ensure the quality and durability of the products. The customization options allow for creating unique furniture for each design project.The control over the whole production process is one of their advantages. This allows to manufacture furniture items to custom dimensions and implement quality control at all stages.


Image Copyright: Rights-Managed © Pygmalion Karatzas.

Image Licensing: High-resolution images are available for editorial and limited commercial use.
Edition Type: Open edition print.
Fine Art Prints: Images are available in gallery-quality fine art prints on various sizes, media and framing options.
Please inquire for further information for usage licensing and prints.

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