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Typhoon Project featured on Lens Magazine, July 2021 issue

Typhoon Project - Lymnos, Agios Efstratios, Samothraki & Thasos, featured on the latest Lens Magazine, July 2021 issue.

Our thanks to editor in chief Dafna Navarro for this publications.

My personal thanks to programs coordinator Peggy Xirotagarou, executive director Dr. Angeliki Kosmopoulou and chairman of the board Evi Lazou for entrusting me with the documentation of this project. I would also like to thank Typhoon Project coordinator Michalis Prevenios and the whole crew of the Typhoon vessel for assisting with the assignment.

Drone collaborator (Lymnos & Agios Efstratios): Christos Kodellas / Xtreme Camera Production.

Drone collaborator (Samothraki & Thasos): Gerasimos Michalopoulos.

In this HOT issue, we had the pleasure to feature projects from all genres, from travel & culture photography to underwater, landscape, and even Astrophotography. In this issue, You will find an exclusive interview with Trevor Cole, an award-winning international photographer, discussing his travel photography with Lens' journalist Catalin CROITORU. James Hayman speaks with Leila Antakly in a most interesting interview about his unique experience in Mexico and featuring his B&W projects. Mark Edward Harris takes us into the wild with outstanding series of shots taken in different locations worldwide. All of this and so much more. Discover unique projects by award-winning international photographers.

Featured Photographers: Trevor Cole, Mark Edward Harris, James Hayman, Alex Sher, Ingeborg Everaerd, Joe Bürgi, Michael Chinnici, Kasra Karimi, Pygmalion Karatzas, Wendi Schneider, Candy Lopesino, Charli Savage, Scott Probst.

Front Cover: Suri child. Trevor Cole © All rights reserved. See exclusive interview article on page 12

Back Cover: Wild Blood. 2018. Alex Sher © All rights reserved. See the article on page 62

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Print edition available worldwide by MagCloud

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