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Photo shoot of the day - A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation expedition to Mont Athos, day 4

Preview images from the photo shoot of the day for A.C. Laskaridis Charitable Foundation in Mont Athos, day 4.

Locations of the 3rd expedition in Athos, July - August 2021:

40°25'43.3"N 23°59'51.0"E

40°26'05.0"N 24°00'07.8"E

40°26'39.0"N 24°00'04.0"E

40°21'12.5"N 24°08’13.8"E (Esphigmenou Monastery)

40°21'10.3"N 24°08'44.0"E

40°21'14.1"N 24°08'53.3"E

40°21'14.7"N 24°08'57.9"E

40°21'25.7"N 24°09'16.8"E

40°16'57.4"N 24°16’00.9"E (Pantokratoros Monastery)

40°15'25.0"N 24°16’53.7"E (Kaliagras Tower)

40°14'50.3"N 24°17’08.8"E (Iviron Monastery)

40°14'18.9"N 24°18’07.4"E (Holy Seat Saint Eustathios - Mylopotamos Monastery)

40°13'55.4"N 24°18'37.5"E

40°13'45.9"N 24°18’52.2"E (Karakalou Tower)

40°13'38.4"N 24°19'06.2"E

40°13'28.4"N 24°19’17.5"E (Arsenale Saint Artemiou)

40°13'05.7"N 24°19'57.4"E

40°13'01.0"N 24°20'05.8"E

40°12'54.9"N 24°20'10.7"E

40°12'45.7"N 24°20’16.9"E

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